" In a gripping story ripped from today’s headlines, a web of murder, intrigue and deceit stretches from the palaces of Pakistan to the slums of Bangladesh, from the villas of India to the power corridors of Washington, D.C., building inexorably to an explosive and unexpected climax, while one man races to avert a nuclear catastrophe – and save the woman he loves."  

-V.J. Banis
Author of “The Astral" and "To the Day I Die”



“A great tale of today’s espionage and terror… Both ‘what it’s like’ and ‘what it could be.’”
-- Ambassador Cofer Black, former Chief of the CIA’s Counterterrorist Center

“I'd recommend the writers of ‘24’ pick this guy up; he could make for some amazing scripts for season 8!” --T.C. Robson Book Shelf Reviews

"Duane Evans is pioneering a new approach to the genre of espionage, intrigue and adventure novels. His handling of a Muslim hero, a Hindu heroine, in a setting of Islamic extremist activity is superb and destined to be the pacesetter for other writers in this time of explosive terrorist threat." -- Richard Blake, Reader Views

“CIA spymaster pens India-Pakistan thriller”
--Chidanand Rajghatta, The TIMES OF INDIA

"Taken from what could be tomorrow's headlines, the author takes us deep into the underside of Pakistan's intelligence services, where nationalism clashes with Islamic fundamentalism, as radical elements plot against India-with nuclear war hanging in the balance. Plot twists, well developed characters, settings that bring you the feel and smell of South Asia, this is a page-turning, exciting ride." -- Gary Schroen former senior CIA officer and National Best Selling author of "First In"

“Intriguing, action packed page-turner… I hope he writes a sequel!” --K. DeLise "kedrocks"

”Evans may be a talent to watch in the future, a bright light in a crowded and often lusterless espionage lit market.” --Kevin L. Nenstiel "omnivore" Amazon TOP 1000 Reviewer

"At once entertaining and informative, North From Calcutta is an elegant example of espionage fiction." --Hayden Peake, Author, Curator for the CIA's Historical Intelligence Collection

“A well-written story that could be out of today’s headlines… the reader will learn much … about the danger that a spy… endures.” --Cy Hilterman

“With just the right blend of romance, intrigue, vengeance, and heroism, Evans' freshman debut will appeal to a wide audience.” -- Vera A. Pereskokova, www.luxuryreading.com

“The book serves as a primer for South Asian dirty politics – or is ‘dirty politics’ a redundancy? Don’t miss this great read. It’s only a shadow away from today’s headlines… I highly recommend it.” -- Lou Novacheck

“His plot (and plots within plots) is extremely complex and the politics involved in this story is mind-boggling.” -- Debra Gaynor Book Reviews By Debra

“This is a thrilling action tale (with a little romance)… I enjoyed it so much… I wouldn't hesitate to recommend” --Carole Colbert Caroles Book Blog (UK)

“I really appreciated a terrorist storyline that shows that there are Muslims who do not support Fundamentalist dogma… I loved the authenticity of the book.” --Brooke Bonett, The Bluestocking Guide Review

"Duane Evans has used his experience at the CIA to make number of situations "edge of the seat" moments and his knowledge of South Asia-not only the geopolitical scene but also the cultural and religious aspect adds more depth to the story. North from Calcutta is must read if you are looking for a great novel that is engaging, masterfully written with a storyline that is substantive and close to reality.
--Bhumika Ghimire Associated Content, UPI-ASIA

“If you like espionage thrillers and you are looking for a change in venue for spy exploits… or if you liked THE INCREMENT by David Ignatius you will enjoy NORTH FROM CALCUTTA.” --Plants and Books

A New Hero, May 23, 2009 "Beginning with Ian Fleming, who all but invented the genre, the very best Spy Novelists have been insiders who'd served as intelligence officers before they turned to writing. The greatest of them were also game changers, like John Le Carre, whose Spy Who Came in From the Cold rescued the Spy Novel from the "light entertainment" category and turned it into a hard-edged, gritty, reality-based literary form. I believe Duane Evans meets those pre-conditions for greatness: he is a distinguished, former CIA insider... who has written a book that deserves to become a genre game-changer.
North from Calcutta begins with a firefight "... in a remote valley deep in Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province," and then roars ahead pedal-to-the-metal until a nuclear holocaust has been averted and the world for a while is once again safe from fanatical Islamic extremists. Evan's prose is honed-to-the-bone readable; his understanding of the history and cultures of the Pakistan-Kashmir-Afghanistan conflict zone is both profound and informed by the years he lived there while working for the CIA; and, last but not least, he's a gifted story-teller...
All good... but how could North from Calcutta qualify as a game changer? Well... consider this: Evans' hero is a Muslim, Tarek Durrani, an operative for the Pakistani Intelligence Service, who is rendered in such historical/cultural detail, and with such psychological authenticity, that I couldn't help but recognize his humanity and become enwrapped in his story.
Getting an American fan of spy novels to care about a Pakistani operative? That's surely different, and quite a trick to pull off, and Evans has done it. The only other popular Spy Novelist I've read who has successfully attempted this kind of literary sleight-of-hand is Barry Eisler whose Rain novels with their Japanese-American hero also break the stereotype of the modern intelligence operative as a blue-eyed, corn-fed white boy working for either the CIA or MI6. The difference between Eisler and Evans, however, is that Rain is still recognizably an American, albeit an exotic one, while Evans' hero is completely something-other-than-WASP-American.
Fleming, Le Carre, Eisler... that's daunting literary company to claim for any writer of popular fiction, let alone one who has just published his first book. And in truth, it remains to be seen if Evans can win enough readers to validate my assertion that he is a game-changer.
This, however, is undisputable: North from Calcutta is timely, engrossing, and well written enough to bear the weight of such praise... and deserves best-seller status. The book has made me a Duane Evans fan... who's hoping that North from Calcutta will be just the first in a series of novels which eventually will lift the name of Tarek Durrani up to the same level of literary renown as achieved by Fleming's James Bond, Le Carre's Smiley, and Eisler's John Rain.
--pattdc (Slugg) Amazon Reviews (Sequim, WA)

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